Citrix Installations

Citrix Systems is a leader in thin client and remote access technologies.  In addition to those key technologies, Citrix has moved into the server virtualization space with their XenServer application competing with industry leaders like VMWare


Citrix has grown and now produces many products.  Citrix still makes their flagship thin client product Presentation Server.  Presentation Server comes in Standard, Advanced and Enterprise versions.  When people ask What Is Citrix they are usually looking for the thin client product.  So Citrix Presentation Server is a think client technology, meaning that like in the old mainframe days, an application runs on a centralized server or farm of servers and the video and mouse/keyboard/sound are sent to the client creating the appearance of the application running on the client when in reality it's running on a server.  With Citrix Metaframe multiple clients can share the same server and it's sliced up like a pie.  The bigger the server and less demanding the application, the more people can use the same server.